Mission Statement

Altémira Engineering provides consulting mechanical engineering services for major industrial clients in Western Canada. Our clients are those who have reached a production cap, have specialized equipment, or require the development of new processes.

Through analysis, design, and innovation, Altémira resolves the difficult technical problems our clients face every day. We provide solutions to problems - not just answers to questions.

Our mission is to help our clients improve the efficiency of their processes, so they in turn can gain the competitive advantage they need to thrive in today’s demanding economy.

Membership & Affiliations

• ISO 9001:2008 certified
• ISNetworld®
• Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce
• Prairie Policy Centre


Altémira strives to provide elegant solutions to challenging problems through:

Vis à vis Shareholders

Build a strong, sustainable business that enjoys superior profitability.

Vis à vis Management

Build an effective, responsive and efficient business that is profitable.

Vis à vis Competitors

Build a competitive business that competes on non-price issues. We will compete on innovativeness, quality and service.

Core Values

Altémira owes its success to its innovative culture and its enthusiastic people. We believe that everyone has an innate sense of creativity which, when fostered and developed, can produce solutions that are more than simply adequate; we believe that solutions can be elegant.

We work hard to remain dynamic, flexible, and innovative, so our strengths today become even stronger tomorrow. Our desire to grow keeps us constantly looking for new ways to improve all aspects of our business. Improving the way we plan a project leads to better products, shorter development times, greater efficiency, and lower costs. By continually embracing change, our business remains agile and competitive in an ever-changing economy.

We believe that the best way to succeed is to lead, not only in innovation, but in overall business excellence.